Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got my scrap on

Well, it's always good to scrap some memories isn't it? You wouldn't know it much from my blog but I'm actually a very dedicated scrapper :) It's true I have been on a card bender as of late but can I wax poetic a bit on what scrapbooking is for me? The following are some VERY simple layouts that truly are about preserving the memories of our family...never mind the cool advances in product and technology...this is just scrapping to remember and cherish the life and times we live. Our oldest is wrapping up her second grade year and I am so pleased to be saving her class photo and preserving her signature, RIGHT NOW, at the end of second grade. It was her idea to add the cursive so "she could remember when she learned cursive" ...is she a good scrapper already or what? This handwriting thing is something I've been meaning to do but finally captured it in the moment. SO happy with that.
And a little for my youngest. This is last year's school picture which captures her so well....the traces of a temporary tattoo on her arm that shows! her sweet little smile and the often worn hair do of her first year in preschool.

Also, tickled to be using a charm I've had kicking around for 5 years or more! yipes!
And Shelby's class photo for this year along with her writing sample. This is so precious to me as she has just mastered writing her own name, without help in the last month or so of preschool. She graduates in two days! This is big, big time in our world.
I have more to share later from what was scrapped this past weekend but I am really just enjoying the moment of recognizing the growth of our little girls into fine young people. It is for this reason alone if nothing else, I scrap the memories. The pages are the perfect way to honor our every day and are like little children themselves.
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Elise said...

Hello, CUTE school girls! I love how you tackled those pages! Way to be PC with the black bars, etc.... I know that in real life those faces take it to a whole, higher level, but you do what you have to! Your scrapping is WONDERFUL, SLD! I've missed it! Thanks for sharing!

TAMI said...

Our daughters name is Jaycie! Don't meet very many people who share the same!

Karen said...

You're right, our pages Are like our little ones!! At least for me, since I'm such a sllllooowww scrapper, I spend enough time with them! :> Love your Cricutting! And I'm sure it felt Great to use that oh so cute charm! To remember that you have it and actually use it must feel fantabulus! Your girls are just precious and I'm impressed with your future scrapper, Jaycee thinking to include cursive!! (BTW...are they teaching that in second now?? I remember learning it in 3rd!)

tg said...

Missed this too. Wow, I love these. Some picture/memories call for simple pages. These are perfect.