Thursday, May 28, 2009

Schoooool's Out for summer! (almost)

Hey everyone! Just a quickie today! School IS almost out for my 2nd grader and today was the last day of preschool for my youngest (gulp! says the mommy!).

Like I suspect many of you are doing, I had lots of teachers and helpers I wanted to thank. Including some preteen and young teen youth leaders in my daughter's youth group. Here is a QUICK way to give them a little something. And I MEAN quick because I had 10 minutes to "creatively" wrap their gifts before leaving for pickup time. (I should have been a fireman as I seem to accomplish the most based on whatever fire is burning the hottest ;) But that's a whole other story that could probably use it's own blog. LOL!) SO back to the gifties...I snapped up packs of Red Vines in the candy aisle at the grocery store and flew home for a little custom wrap.

I typed up "thank you! thank you! thank you!" on my Word program, choose a different font and color for each pair of thank yous and then hit copy and paste to fill a copy weight sheet of paper with our gratitude. I broke out a star and this totally cool thank you sentiment from the new Papertrey Ink Star Prints set and stamped them on white cardstock, punched and adhered to a scalloped circle for a gift tag. Simple, easy and cute I thought.

And the cards you saw earlier in the week have started to go out. This bucket full of thanks was for Shelby's preschool teachers. Each card has a coffee gift card inside and a packet of flower seeds stuck to the back. I planted them in floral foam packed into the bottom of the $1 aisle bucket and hid my mechanics with tissue paper . This was delivered today and was a happy sight among the teachers as they plucked their individual flower out of the garden....*sigh* they get me :)
Thank you for stopping by today. Have a great one!


tg said...

Super cute Dana. Sometimes it is amazing what can get done when the need is there. Love the Thank you paper. I need to try that.

KatieTurtle said...

How cool are these! Both the red vine wrapper and the "flowers". I just love love what you have created. Time crunches sometimes yield the best results do ya think?

Elise said...

YOU'RE KILLING ME! These are SO great! And WHO thinks of this: you are a HYBRID cardmaker, FANTASTICO! Those teachers are going to feel SOOOOOOOOO loved! You're TRULY something!

Karen said...

Its 1:40am, so pardon me if I'm lacking in supercalifragilissexpeialidotias kind of words! :>:> I am almost finished with A's teachers's gifts. That Thank You paper is Fabulous!! And I really love your bucket of flowers for Shelby to present....oh so cute! :> Hope you are sleeping...that's what is calling my name right now!