Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love shack, baby! That's where it's at...

You know this's the little 'ol place where we can get to-getherrrrr :) I hope you enjoy singing this song all day long with me LOL!

So along with the YMCA and the Chicken Dance (both of which my hubs outlawed for our wedding 10 years ago BTW) the LOVE SHACK has been emblazoned on the must play list of weddings from here to eternity. Fine by me, still love that song. And in honor of a very special soon to be married couple, these A Muse Art Stamps were perfect in my little opinion. Sing along while you check this card out.... I stamped these images at a make and take back in February at an amazing LSS in Berkeley, CA, Scrapbook Territory. All of the supplies except the card base were provided by the store and the pieces have finally found a home. I added some coloring (Zig scroll and brush) and some inking (Brilliance cosmic copper) to the edges of everything. See that funky cut little pop up the birdies are stamped on? It covers a boo-boo...but I love it and the funky dimension of the shape adds to the whimsy so BONUS! It's an improvement!
I think this little card will suit the happy couple. They are young and in love and such a WONDERFUL pair. I am so SO happy for them!
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Stamps: Amuse Art Stamps
Ink: Brilliance
Pens: Zig Scroll and Brush
Punches: scallop and oval
Other: foam tape


tg said...

Super cute, this is perfect for said couple :) Love your boo, boo.

Karen said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Fun colors, Fun images (love the little birdy's leg kicked up!), Fun shapes.....both the large scalloped circle And your happy accident!

In my family, it was always called the Duck Dance. I do not think I heard it called the Chicken Dance until I was an adult......but, then again, I didn't pay attention until I was an adult and noticed the different names! :>

Elise said...

I LOVES me a little "Love Shack" stuck in my head! THANKS, Dane! That's adorable to hum along with! What a fun way to get the newly weds "singing along!" Great card and fabulous "thinking ahead" with those images! You are CRAFTY in every sense of the word!

Tamara said...

So cute! I think this would have been great as a round card also, just using the front part as the whole card.

I think the boo boo cover up is really cute :)

Paula Pascual said...

Love this card. It's so sweet!