Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cowboy {w}RAP!

Can I get a Yeeeeehawwwww!???  I do love a rowdy "yeehaw" every now and again to cure what ails me.  Don't knock it til you try it, right?! ;)  LOL  So, blog friends, how about some cowboy RAP, er, I mean, WRAP?

Mmmm hmmm, yep indeed this is a bit o western goodness nestled among some artifacts that live atop our wood burl woodstove mantle.  I needed a clever way to conceal a gift card for a boy turning 8 and decided on these CTMH stamps and a paper wallet of sorts.

 The flap tucks behind the yeehaw fence strip to keep the gift card secure.

Good ol Target to the rescue.  We tied this gift card wallet on top of a box of red vines....the perfect snack on the trail, right?

Not to be outdone, my girls made a fabulous card.  Quite colorful don't you think?

One thing is for certain, the cowboys in our life better like rainbows...because this cow-GIRL heavy house has a lot of 'em!

Have a rootin tootin YEEHAW of a day!  Thanks for stopping by my corral, y'all.



Vanessa said...

This card is so cool! Love how you arranged everything for your picture, too!


Jane said...

That is the cutest and coolest card!!! So fun!!! Love your daughters card too......Mia made some too...gotta post that soon!

Karen said...

Too cowboy cute, Dana!! You always have some fun new way to tuck in a gift card....I'm flashing back to the cute little purse you made! And love your girls' rainbow art! :>:>

Elise said...

My lil' Western lovin', horse-poop scoopin', pepper pickin', toe-tappin', guitar slappin', COWBOY lovin' heart is SWOONING! That card is a TREASURE! Well, the whole package is a treasure {and of course, I'm talking about those sweet lil' rainbow cowgirl types and their fabulous ART!} What a fantastic festival of the western stamp! Yee HAW!

Melissa said...

So cute! I'm sure he'll love it! And your girls' card is adorable, so sweet!!

Barb said...

And the little cowboy that received this special gift is still thrilled that your little cowgirls came to his hoedown, camped out and rocked out to the tunes at their impromptu dance fest! So happy to have all your girlies in our lives! ;-)