Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's for dinner?

Hey blog friends! Soooo, what's for dinner??? I have to share that these three words have the power to empower OR dash spirits and it all has to do with planning and preparedness. :) hee! As full time mom and homemaker, I need to be able to answer this question at any given moment of the day...and my kids know that when my answer to that question is "food" they know to back slowly and carefully away from the harried mother. :) If I'm on my game, I have an tonight is bbq pork steaks, pasta, salad and zucchini from the garden. Ha! Gotcha kids!
In the before kids days, it was my sweetie who used to ask this question of his young wife who also worked 40 hours plus a week out of the home and it used to set me in a twirl of activity back then trying some experimental recipe of mystery meat or some NAS-TY frozen concoction that only takes a few minutes. Oh my! Were those the days or what? Thank goodness after 17 years together I've finally developed some tried and trues for the kitchen! When I saw this sweet gal on the Cosmo Cricket sheet of vintage goodies, it brought the old days back to me. :)

I thought this gal deserved a bright "kitchen cafe curtain" of yellow polka dotted ribbon and vintage red material. The bow (seam binding) and buttons are also thrift store vintage findings.
Thanks so much for stopping by today... I hope your dinner is great tonight! :)
Paper: Cosmo Cricket and Papertrey
Ink: SU!
Stamps: Provo
Craft Supplies: buttons, material, ribbon and seam binding


Ann said...

Fab vintage creation, Dana! I love the curtain you made for her!

Melissa said...

Love this! The yellow curtain is so cute and perfect. I hate this question!!

Karen said...

I LOVE this post! I also love that Cosmo Cricket piece of goodness and you gave it even more charm with the rest of your vintage goodness surrounding it! Hmmmmmm.....what's for dinner?? That question elicits a lot of "I don't know!" in our house!! Tonight, Hubby is bbq'ing chicken....we haven't decided on the rest, but think spaghetti squash is also on the menu tonight and we'll see what else as the day progresses! :> Happy cooking and crafting to you! :>

Elise said...

Ohhhhhh, the vintage, wholesome wonderfulness of this glorious card! Heaven! Let me get my pearls on, and a sip of my Maxwell house, while I contemplate your scrumptious menu! Divine work, Mrs. G! Not only are you a fabulous and talented crafter, but, by all accounts a fabulous home-maker! The gal behind those curtains is A-1 with me!!! Super keen, card makin' machine!

Courtney Baker said...

Dana did you say 17 years? Your photo looks so young. Surely that's a mistake.

Cute card... I just love the story as well.

Kelley Eubanks said...

What a great card! I love the colors and I love the stitched ribbon at the bottom!! So cute Dana! Your cards always amaze me!

~amy~ said...

OMGoodness...this is soooooo cute...I love the ribbon treatment...cosmo cricket rocks!

tg said...

Love this Dana. The colors and everything are perfect! The fabric was the perfect addition.

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

your so creative i love it!
great blog

Im a guest on kelleighs ct team for aug and sept so just popping by, love your stuff!

Denise @ A Room With A View said...

If I could go just one day without hearing THAT big life would be maybe about 6.3% happier. Speaking of which, guess I better get to figuring something out. DARLING card. Always love the fabric embellishments, too. You know, I'm all about fabric!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

I just found your blog, and LOVE it! This card is fabulous - so creative, and soooo cute!

The "What's for dinner?" question usually makes me cranky - I usually answer, "What do you feel like making?" LOL! Ha!