Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Buona Fortuna in 2010! .....a Cards challenge and get sketchy all in one!

Oh my!  It's almost 2010!  Can you believe!?  That is so crazy!  I could wax poetic, and since this is my blog and you can excercise the right to skim...I think I will a little! ;)  First some business....this bottle tag is inspired by the challenges going at the Cards magazine blog (make something for new year's) and the gals at Get Sketchy(trash to treasure).

The "trash" is the plastic pocket that I filled with glitter and sealed as the background for my "2010" pinwheel.  That plastic pocket was emptied of it's Webkins online code by my girls and tossed towards the trashcan until I snatched it up.  It's a great way to capture the look of tossed glitter (think confetti at midnight) without the mess of loose glitter.  Thanks Get Sketchy girls for the inspiration to dig a little deeper ;)

The Cards challenge was to make a little something New Years.  Hubs and I are attending a gathering at Traci's and our sweet Traci turned me on to this easy drinking, not-too-sophisticated-for-the-girl-who- likes-WHITE ZINFANDEL (which is funny because I live in one of California's "wine country" areas home to many a fine Cabernet, Pinot, Merlot etc) Italian Chianti from Trader Joe's.  But hey, I'm 75% Italian so that makes sense, right?  But anyway, back to Cards and I'll revisit the Italian in a minute. 
I used a fab vintage New Years image I found at Clearly Vintage.  Cora shares wonderful images every saturday and right now she has been sharing Holiday images daily!  Sooo awesome of her.  You gotta check her out. 

Conveniently, the image Cora shared had a blank lable on the champagne bottle.  This was the perfect spot for a custom label or message.  I opened the vintage image in Word and layered TextArt spelling out "Buona Fortuna" or Good Fortune/Good Luck in Italian.  I also added a tiny star to the lable which is a shape that has long been a favorite of Traci's.  I felt a message in Italian was appropriate considering the wine bottle it will adorn, the wishes for my friend in 2010, my heritage and the fact that Traci and I are planning a trip to ITALY in 2010!!!!!!! 

Wooooowheeeeee!  This trip is a life long DREAM for me and I am beyond excited.  It's months away but the planning, the dreaming and the saving has already begun. Among many regions of northern Italy, we will be visiting the area that my family (both maternal and fraternal) is from, the Lake Como area.  There is even a street named for my family name (Via Garzelli) for a small town girl from Cali just knowing there is a street named for my family in Italy really gives a girl a sense of ROOTS...and they are pretty strong to begin with here at home.  Traci has been to many of the places we will be visiting (her travel pics on her blog are delicious!) so I am looking forward to her being our guide in many ways and also re discovering all of these places together.  There are also some new stops on the list.  I recently asked her "can we do all that in 2 weeks?"  (eeek! two weeks!!!) ...she is sure we can!  This is one of the many things I love about this dear girl...her OPTIMISM and enthusiasm for travel and discovery.

Well, I am sure I will be talking more about this trip as I go along in the coming year.  And you can for sure expect lots of photos and hey, maybe a scrapbook page or two??? LOL! 

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes for my little girl...she was feeling quite famous yesterday.  And I also want to wish each of you buona fortuna e felice anno nuovo...good fortune and happy new year!!!  THanks so much for coming by!

Digital vintage Image: Clearly Vintage
Paper: georgia pacific and paper pizazz
Ink: Papertrey
Stamps: CTMH
glitter; martha Stewert
punch: SU
Other craft supply: star trim, corsage pin, pearls, pinking sheers


Elise said...

That's it for me. I've ALREADY seen the future! 2010 looks perfect! Artsy and glittery with a little bit of the vino... I'm BLOWN AWAY! Sister Dane! Ummmmmmmm, these challenges and well, blogland as a whole - is going to ... {wait for it...} BLOW A CORK over this fabulousness! Holy SMOKES, you Italian princess... this is FANTASTIC! Wahoooooooo! Happy NEW YEAR, you darling, lil' Italiano! Bravissima!

Karen said...

Leapin' lizzards! Love it, Dana! Love the customized vintage tag, all that happy glitter, the beaded hat pin, the scallop punch to hang the tag, love, love it! Ya know what else I love??! That trip to Italy that's in the works with've got me dreaming of You having a fabulous time (you don't mind if I live a wee bit vicariously here, do you??)!!! :>:>

Cora said...

Wow Dana it is a fabulous tag. You projects always blow me away. Thanks for sharing.

Laurel said...

Wow I love it! What a great project for both challenges! My daughter and my hubby are going to Europe in March - France and Italy - I'm so jealous! I am sure it will be a trip of a lifetime!

Davi said...

This is just a way to fun recycle!! Fab 2010 celebrations tag!

Angèle said...

Wow That's really a treasure!
Happy 2010!

Jane said...

What an AWESOME idea!!! LOVE it! I have no ideas for this!!!

~amy~ said...

Such a fun post...for your Fabbie trash to treasure project and your very magnificent plans for 2010!!!!

Dora said...

What a great project you have made for GS!
Thanks for playing!