Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter crafts!

Hi!  It has been sooooo busy around here!  I know I am preaching to the crafty choir when I say I haven't had much "me crafty time" which really can twist a mama elf's candy cane if ya know wha I mean ;)  Today though, thanks to a special friend, my girls in I were invited to a holiday craft playdate!  Oh my sequins and felt!  This sure was fun!  I quick whipped up the candle topper yarn pom pom (my favorite package topper this christmas) and the jingle bell pencils in the picture above.  The pencils were in a package from the dollar store and I just strung a jingle bell from silver jewelry thread and fabric tped them to the tops of the pencils.  Very quick and so silly to write with!

Little hands hard at crafty work!  I l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve to see kids get their craft on!  We cut them loose with glue guns, craft supplies of all kinds and lots of empty boxes...mostly milk cartons.  This was SO fun that of course the mamas had to join in.

Shelby opted for a house that looked like santa complete with fluffy beard! 

Our little village!  I loved my friend Stacey's house...she even added a landscaped yard to her design...and I was totally inspired to bejewel the felt snowflake centers on my roof like she did. 

Thank you, Stacey, for inviting us over for a perfectly happy time with great friends.  I highly recommend milk carton holiday house crafting therapy to take the edge off of the "go go go" of the season for a while!

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Elise said...

And may I just add that YOU + kids getting their craft on is a TERRIFIC and very natural combo! You share the love of the sport like NO other! So glad you guys got together for SUCH a magical production! These are FABULOUS!