Friday, December 23, 2011

The elf on a shelf... and happy holidays

Hi friends! The blog has been a little slow this month..but you know how it is this time of year...busy busy BUSY and THIS year....I'm blaming the ELF!

Buddy the Elf came to the girls this year from their beloved Mimi .  She read the official story to them on Thanksgiving and he made the trip to our house that night.  He was up to his antics the very first night by giving our family photo an extreme elf makeover with red elf hats for all of us!  It's been non stop since then...

There was the dry erase santa beards and hats on a photo collage, the sit-in of the family easter egg-toss trophy, and the popping up here and there to surprise us!

He really got in the groove when the Christmas decorations started migrating into the house.  He had a way of prompting us to get things done!

He also had a way of popping up in little spots around the house that are a part of our daily lives.

He made stops in our girls' rooms and then it was back to the holiday items like the awesome leg lamp night light our friends gave Greg this year, the mistletoe the girls collected at our friend's house and finally this morning, urging us to bake those christmas cookies by making a snow angel in the flour....I'm telling you, this ELF knows how to crack the holiday whip ;)

So I guess I must get to it...there is cookie dough awaiting us.  I hope your holiday season has so far been full of wonder and merriment.  Ours has certainly been! 

Most of all, I'd like to wish each every one of you reading this post, a very magic filled holiday season and warm wishes for a prosperous and joy-filled 2012!

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Karen said...

I've loved seeing the pics from friends' adventures with their Elves this year! And you definitely do not disappoint.

You and your family are a beautiful looking bunch and what's even better? That you all are just as beautiful on the inside.

Merry Christmas, Dana!!! :>

Elise said...

YOU and your little elves ARE beyond darling AND hilarious! You definitely infected my "little elf" with the magic of Buddy! {She's been gushing about him all season!} What adorable fun! {Does anyone else think Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory should "play him" in the movie?} Anywhoo, your photo collage work here is incredible! INSPIRATION worthy, if you as me: maybe NEXT year, seasonal inspiration at J.U.G.S headquarters? Just wonderin'... heh heh

YOU Gustafsons sure make the HOLIDAYS shine! Thanks for sharing it all with the rest of us! xo!