Friday, July 17, 2009

Get {organized} with a hybrid homework clipboard

Hey friends! Happy friday! I love a friday...especially on a school week! Yep! My girls went back to school this THEY are in Kindergarten and 3rd grade. Eeek! That went by fast. Back to school means back to homework and schedules galore and in order to not lose our minds, we need a place to keep it all. Enter the homework clipboards, one for each girl. I have written up a tutorial over at the Hybrid Chick website in case you would like to make something like this for yourself or for your kids. I hope you'll check it out. You can find the tutorial {here}.

Since I have two girls, I went all crazy with an adorable digi kit from Pri Rocha called Three Birds PLUS lots of girly bling, ribbon, and flowers. I wanted to steer the moms of boys to the totally awesome superhero kit by Amy Sumrall called Comical . It's got all the KA-BLAM! a boy could need to get his school thing on!

Oh and just so you could get a visual on my end of school is the evidence! Mamma Mia, it needed a makeover BAD! It looked how I feel sometimes when I get overloaded with "stuff"....mismatched, things trailing and falling off, a walking catch all of just in case we need it things, you know how it is LOL! Now that's not always a bad's just a little overwhelming at times and the fix for my fridge was simple. Picture it now with nothing but the pink memo sheet made by my oldest in first grade for my running list of groceries. *sigh* my fridge can breathe again and so can I. tee hee :)
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful friday and a fab weekend!!


Karen said...

Lovin' it Dana!! Fun, colorful, full of whimsy, blinged out, and even practical too!! Now that's my kind of project! Love that you dared to include a pic of your fridge.....mine is in need of that makeover at present. Somehow its still full of stuff from the school year and now summer craft projects as well! you have a system to organize all your kidlets art projects and school papers?? I'll bet you do! You wanna share?? That's something I have yet to figure out how to organize and save for the kidlets and scrapbook pages....when I eventually get to them!

tg said...

So cute Dana. This is so Shelb, she must love it. Love the One Smart Chickie and all the colors!

Lisa (lakind) said...

This is so fun, Dana! I'm sure the girls will love their personalized clipboards! Where do you live that your kids are back to school in the middle of July? We don't go back until the Tuesday after Labor Day in September!

Tracey said...

The clipboards are really cute!! great job