Thursday, July 16, 2009

{heart} to {heart} to last a lifetime

Hello friends! I promised more in the way of cards today and here it is, a little late in the day but still here! Today, a card honoring my parents' anniversary...35 years and counting. Now without writing a novel, let me be concise and say that their love, dedication and marriage is a beautiful thing. Something to honor and be inspired by....and I have and will always be. Happy anniversary mom and dad! So a little over 35 years ago, on memorial day weekend of 1974, my mom hit the fabric stores to shop the big sales....this apple doesn't fall too far from that tree ;) I've mentioned in previous posts that I have rediscovered my sewing machine but for pretty much paper only. My mom is a fabulous seamstress and wouldn't you know it, she MADE all of her bridesmaid dresses (five!) and a flower girl dress for her own wedding! Now THAT is impressive! They were a pretty yellow floral for my mom's favorite color. I WISH I had some of that material but a piece out of my vintage stash comes fairly close.
A little (ummm scratch that, a BUNCH!) of straight stitch lines and some zig zag just because around the edge of this hand cut heart. I adhered the fabric to white cardstock with Fabric tac so it wouldn't pucker while I was sewing. Pretty smart for a non fabric girl eh? Oh! And a golden brown button from my vintage stash to finish off the sentiment.

I loved the pinking shears edging and the paper punches giving the idea of laces and trims too! I swear, if I could WEAR paper, I would be a paper clothes making fiend! Ha ha!
I hope you enjoyed my walk down sewing and memory lane. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Kelley Eubanks said...

This is beautiful!!

Elise said...

Oooooowwwwwwwwww! Pre-teeeeee! That is loverly, sweet, lil' Dane! Just DARLING!

tg said...

Love the vintage 70's vibe. Great card Dana. Happy anniversary D&K!

Love the Fabri tac suggestion!

Karen said...

What a sweet, sweet card for your parents! I really enjoyed reading about them. Actually, I saw this post when it first went up, but it made me shoot off an email to my Mom, checking in on the 'story' for her dresses. I was pretty sure she had sewn hers as well, which she confirmed, but had some help as it was white velvet and the fabric kept shifting on her. Her bridesmaids all sewed their own dresses from red velvet (and wore muffs instead of holding bouquets) and all three had skirts of different lengths, reflecting the times (one was above the knee, one at the knee, and one below the was 1969 and times were a changin'!). If you haven't guessed yet, it was a December wedding! I love hearing tales of weddings then as it seems so different than it is now. And 35 years...that's something to celebrate!!!