Thursday, August 20, 2009

It {IS} easy being green...

Hey friends! My daughters ask me all the time what my favorite color is and I can never answer with just one. Chalk it up to my indecisive nature, but I just can't narrow things down to only one signature color...I like lots! But for today, let's go GREEN! I tend to love a good celery or lime and, on occasion, a shamrock or kelly green. It's been along time since I just went all monochromatic and simple on a card, and hey it was fun!

I realized while I was putting this card together that I have to have at least 5 (but usually more) supplies to make a card, not counting a cutter and base cardstock. Papercrafts just recently had a call for making a card using only 3 supplies and for the life of me, I couldn't pick only three...again that indecisive thing crops up. I guess that kicks me out of the clean and simple style club for sure. LOL! Question of the day: I'd love to know, how many supplies, minimum, do you need to make something, not counting cardstock, cutting tool and adhesive?
Have a happy day and thanks for coming by!

Paper: Georgia Pacific and DCWV spring stack (DP)
Flower: prima
button: vintage from the stash
craft supply: ribbon and embroidery floss


Elise said...

I hear Kermit the frog SINGING! "Why are there so many songs.. about Rainbows...?" WHO needs 'em! {well, of course we neeeeed rainbows! But for now, GREEN is the word!} Love this, sweetheart! So festive and Spring-ish! DARLING!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh wow! I have no idea but I will watch from now on and see how many I actually require! Very pretty card and I am the same way! I can't pick just one color...I just love color! I switch fav colors/supplies almost weekly! Thanks for your sweet mention comment! :)

tg said...

Nice Dana. We all know I don't use too much on a page or card but I often use more than 5 elements. I am probably in the 5-10 range normally.

For the record - I have been thinking I need to call you all day and it just has not happened...yet.

Ann said...

LOVE this card!!!