Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something wicked {and cute} this way comes....

WhooooooOOOOOOoooooooo!  Can you believe it?!  October 1st already!  I was feeling quite "fall" yesterday and dragged out the front door decorations and set about making a little something for inside with My Cute Stamps, the Happy Owloween set.   I was inspired by {THIS} from Holly Brooke Jones, My Cute Stamps creator, and {THIS} by Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made.

There is the star of the show, Mr Owloween. himself!  He's perched on the branch using glossy accents as adhesive.

Isn't this little tree fun?!  Wanna make one?  Here's what I did...

The first thing to know about shrinky dink material is that this is not a perfect science!  There will be inconsistencies and it's sometimes hard to judge just how small they will shrink up.  GO with the flow and expect to have a trial run or two.  Here are pumpkin samples before and in this case, the pumpkin shrank to about a third of its original size and also, colors intensify, so keep that in mind if you color your images.

Watch the magic!  There are oven baking directions on the package but a heat tool does a great job too.  Just be sure you protect your work surface.  I used a piece of cardstock on top of a magazine.

Keep a flat bottom glass handy to flatten the "dink" once you are done shrinking.  While warm, the product is flexible so you can shape it, too, if you's hot though, so protect your hands and use tools to manipulate the plastic.

Here is my flock of Halloween-ies!  Aren't they cute in miniature?!  All of these images were stamped with Staz on ink and colored with sharpies and slick writers.

All of my figures got a coat of glossy accents to make their fronts shine and those that were to hang from the tree branches had tinsel thread attached to their backs with more glossy accents.  Oh!  and the glitter tree....just a branch from outside covered in onyx Martha Stewert glitter.  I used spray adhesive and ALOT of glitter.  This is messy, so plan to do it outside.

One last bit of Halloween to get you going :)  My girls are on fall break and happily spent a couple hours creating yesterday.  How much do I love that stamps and paper can keep them engaged for hours at a time...oh, a WHOLE lot I'd say!  I loved their creativity!

So glad you could stop by today.  Wishing you a happy October 1!


~amy~ said...

Okay Dana, I love your Halloween cute is that??!!!!

OMGoodness, how much did your girlies have?!!! They were quite productive...good for them!!!

Courtney Baker said...

Dana that is such a great idea! I love your tree - so fabulous!

Elise said...

Wait! Where is Karen? I can hear her oooowwwwing and awwwwwing! Wait, maybe that's the collective sound of the "Blog-o-verse!" SUCH adorable Halloweenie goodness! I'm just LIFTED by this magical project and fabulous share! YOU so, TOTALLY rock, Sweet sista, Dane!

Melissa said...

Your tree is adorable! I've never tried shrinky dink but it looks fun! And your girls are certainly talented and how great for you that they'll sit with you and create!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I LOVE your tree!! Too cute!! Your girls did a fab card making job! I bet that is fun! I need to have at least one girl so I can have a crafting pal! :)

Karen said...

Okay. So I WAS about to respond. Had a response ALL ready. I was thinking it and saying it in my head AS I read your FUN-tastic Halloweeny post.

Then I clicked on Comments.

Then I STARTED to type.

Then I SAW Elise's comment.



DAAAAAAAANNNNNA! I LOOOOOOOOVVVE this! Yup, yup! I'm swoooooning here, for sure. I got all giddy at the shinky dinks. I got light-headed at the clear glass glass flattening them out (seriously! I've told you little things make me smile, right?!). And oh my, the entire thing jazzified and happy Halloweened up on a simple branch from outside WITH ONYX MARTHA STEWART GLITTER?!!! I'm out...out for the count, girl!

OH NO!!! Now you did it!! You shared your darling wee ones' beautiful creative Halloween card making artwork!! Call the paramedics!


THANK YOU!!! :>:> You've made me smile tonight, right along with a good dose of ooooo'ing and ahhhhh'ing!!! :>:>:>

Elise said...

Well, hellllooooooo! I realized that I made a terrible error in my last comment: I was so caught up in pontificating about the splendor of your awesome project, I forgot to acknowledge the impressive collection of masterpieces by the smaller crafty crafters inhabiting your lovely domicile... GREAT CARDS, Gustafson girls! Love YOUR work!