Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grazie....and a smashing sale, bling at 88 cents!

Have you seen this?!!! If you follow the Want 2 Scrap blog, you've already loaded up your sleigh with half price items and 88 cent BLING after seeing the blog post announcement on monday! Oh my! I can hear the sleigh bells already! If you haven't, RUN don't walk on over to the Want 2 Scrap store! I do love a good bling sale and for that I say....
grazie! and thanks! Check out the teeny tiny pearl bling dotting the "i" in grazie above. For 88 cents, I can dot 72 "i's" with an assortment package of bling or 100 "i's" with a package of baby bling! (did I tell you bling was on sale at Want 2 scrap?) ;)

This card was made for a dear friend whose family roots are in lovely Lucca, Italy. She is incredibly passionate about her Italian heritage and was super supportive during the planning of my recent trip. I took the opportunity to share some of my favorite shots from Lucca on a thank you card I made for her. Lucca is a charming walled town that was full of beautiful old buildings, bicycles, families, churches and I hope some day I get to return with my friend so she can show me HER Lucca.

Ok friends, have to run....just wanted to share the hot sale news.  Happy shopping! 


Elise said...

HOT is RIGHT! {This card is SMOKIN'!} Ohhhhh, YOU! Such a tease with these incredible little snippets of Italy photos - I'm all a drool and READY for the Italy show! But for now, soooooooo satisfying to see you weave some of the incredible images into a TOP notch card - YES, Ma'am! That use of ribbon and die-cut sentiment-o-gratitude! Molto bene! Bravissima! {You're awesome!}

P.S. Forget black Friday - that is one FABULOUS bling sale! Break out the plastic, lil' sista! Yee Haw!

Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dana!! I'm loving your Italy trip pics....don't think I'll get my fill. :> I thought this was a scrapbook page before I got to sweet. Hope your day is full of family, fun, and of course, turkey! Happy Day to you! :>