Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer crafting 101...friendship bracelets

Remember these?

I remember spending many an afternoon with embroidery floss pinned to the leg of my jeans making friendship bracelets.  After finding this post by Elise Blaha, I had to relive a junior high pastime last night!  My quick bracelet is made from 4 strands of embroidery floss (about as quick and easy as they come), using an arms length of each color.

*sigh*  I think summer has officially begun for me now!

Embroidery floss in fun summer colors



Karen said...

Oh you have sent me back to 'yesterday' with these! LOVE the ol' friendship bracelets and love that you made one too! They also send me back to the lanyards I made as a Girl Scout! :>

Elise said...

Goodness, GRACIOUS - camp counselor FLASHBACK! I love this! Such a timeless and COLORFUL project for the wee-girls! YOU are such a spectacular summer-time {and ALWAYS} Mama! Yeee Haw!